When is it time for maintenance?

Maintenance is a continual process. Whether it is a new elevator or an elevator that has been modernized, a significant capital investment has been made and that investment is protected with a quality maintenance agreement. This is also true with minimizing the risk of successful litigation. Since Maintenance contracts tend to be long term, 5 years typically, selecting a quality maintenance provider is important. Reputation and references are traditionally the standard for service. Once a maintenance service company is provided, identify the preventative maintenance interval and the examination time, then monitor the service time and the shutdowns and evaluate based on historical data for the building.

 In the event of an accident, what should facilities managers know about inspections?

The building owner is ultimately responsible for the elevator and its operation. Yes, the service provider is delegated to perform services. In the event of an accident or injury, most states require the elevator to be shut down and Local jurisdiction having authority over the elevators is to be contacted. They will determine if an inspection of the equipment is required or they will allow the elevator to be returned to service. Documentation and paper work supporting all events is becoming ever more important. What were the standards for elevator operations 20 years ago is no longer the same today. The riding public expects the elevator to be floor level when the doors open and the doors to stay open and not bump them if they have not passed.

What information should a facility manager have ready in preparation of a maintenance contract?

Many of the points as discussed above should be considered. An overall assessment of the demand for the elevators service and how important it is to the building operation should be considered. If the elevator demand is high and, and or the building is under elevatored, it may be advisable to hire an elevator consultant to assess the needs and usage of the elevators. His recommendations may include a plan to modernize the equipment to meet your needs.

What if my elevator breaks down in the middle of the night?

With a 24/7 on-call service line we can be available to repair your elevator day or night. Call us at 877-504-1205.